Welcome to Kids Dental Planet! We proudly provide optimal children’s dental care to the communities of Santa Ana and Riverside.  Our doctors and staff have always enjoyed working with children. We  Love to See Children Smile! Our mission is to deliver quality dental  care in a relaxed, friendly environment and make your children’s dental  visit a positive experience. We focus on prevention and believe strongly  that your dental health is the key to your overall health and  well-being.  

If you haven’t already experienced the  benefit of today’s best dental technology, you are in for a pleasant  surprise. We use modern digital x-rays system to reduce patient  radiation exposure by 80-90% compared to already low exposure of  traditional dental x-rays; intro-oral camera for taking pictures of your  teeth so that you can see them live on high resolution computers; HDTV  sets in each room for kids to watch TV while accepting treatments  comfortably; and much more! Our offices are well equipped with the  finest dental technology that science has to offer. You can be confident  that, as new technologies emerge, we will be at the forefront of any  developments that will help us to provide the finest dental care for you  and your whole family. 

Thank you and see you soon! 

Dr. Wen and staff