Our Services

Services for Children


  • Comprehensive Dental Exam 
  • Cleaning/Fluoride Treatment 
  • Preventive Care 
  • Sealants 
  • Pulpotomy 
  • Fillings 
  • Space Maintainer 
  • Kinder Crowns 
  • Habit-Fighting Appliances 
  • Oral Hygiene and Maintenance 
  • Sedation and Nitrous Gas 
  • Management of Growth and Development

First Visit


Your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled around their first birthday. One the most important reasons of this visit is to familiarize your child with the dental office environment and to ease any anxiety associated with future visits. During this time the dentist can examine your child’s dental development and address dental issues such as baby bottle decay, or any teething tenderness while providing preventive care when needed. On this first visit, a gentle but thorough examination will be performed to monitor growth and development and address any problem areas. 

Early examination provides your child with preventive dental care while establishing healthy dental habits at an early age. Ensure that your child’s future smile is a healthy, confident one. Contact our office with any questions you may have or schedule a dental visit today.

Services for your Family


  • Orthodontics - Invisalign & Braces
  • Crown & Bridge
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • Periodontal (gum) Evaluation
  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance
  • Regular and Deep Teeth Cleaning
  • Extractions and Minor Surgeries
  • Sealants